5 Small Perks That Can Positively Impact Your Office Culture

5 Small Perks That Can Positively Impact Your Office Culture

by David Sprinkle

Many companies are striving to create a strong and defined company culture. Considering 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that possessing a defined workplace culture is important to business success. However, despite this belief, many businesses in the quest to reduce costs and make operations more efficient, miss the mark and end up stifling efforts to grow a positive corporate culture.

The good news is that you can keep costs low and foster a positive company culture at the same time.  There are plenty of inexpensive perks that you can implement today that will have a positive impact.  Here are five we find effective:

1. Hold Energizing Events

You don’t have to throw lavish parties or galas to get employees excited about working for your company. In fact, there are many low-key, easy-to-plan options for holding a work event that can energize your team.

One way is to hold team lunches on a designated day each month. Hold the lunch outside the office to get higher participation. Connecting outside of work, especially outside of your confined workspace, drives team morale.

Other fun options include events like escape rooms, themed bowling night, spirit day, office Olympics, or virtually anything not work-centric that fosters building relationships between co-workers.

2. Community Outreach

Community outreach is another powerful option. Although it might seem bland at first, once employees see the impact they can have on their community, it can easily be one of the most exciting events for a company.

A majority of millennials are attracted to companies that care about the world beyond their office doors. Arranging a team event where everyone helps contribute to your community is an excellent way to show your employees that you care while building culture.

3. Remote Work Flexibility

Apart from days where it is absolutely essential to be in the office, one perk that boosts culture is allowing remote work days. Remote work shows employees that their company trusts them and gives them the freedom to work at their own pace for a period of time.

Your employees live busy lives. Work, family, hobbies—there is plenty to get done and only so much time. By allowing your team some flexibility on when they work, they can engage in the activities they typically are forced to forego as a consequence of a nine-to-five schedule.

Not only does this perk create a happier and more engaged team, but studies have also shown companies save money when permitting employees to work remotely on occasion.

4. Rotating Ticket Giveaways

Going to a ball game is another excellent reward that promotes a positive culture. Companies can purchase season tickets to sporting events at a discount, and then divvy up the tickets amongst the staff. If you’re looking to build a competitive culture, you can incentivize the ticket giveaways to be rewarded to high performers.

Alternatively, instead of grabbing a season package, companies can host work events at sporting events and enjoy the game as a company. Offering tickets requires little planning and isn’t too high of a resource drain.

5. Loosen Up the Dress Code

Our final perk for creating a positive office culture is to loosen up your company dress code. This might not work for all companies, but giving your employees the freedom to dress down and be comfortable creates a more relaxed and enjoyable workplace. Casual Fridays are great, but every day is better.

Millennials, the most populous generation in the workforce, much prefer a casual workplace. By loosening up the dress code at your company, not only will you please your existing staff, but you will make your company more appealing when hiring future candidates.

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