Author: David Sprinkle

March 7, 2023 – David Sprinkle was on Fox 35 this morning discussing the latest labor market trends and how to stand out in an interview!

September 10, 2021 – David Sprinkle was on FOX 35 this morning discussing President Biden’s announcement of the White House’s COVID-19 Action Plan and its implications for employers and employees.

Here’s what you need to know:

August 31, 2021 – David Sprinkle was on Fox 35 a couple of times this past week discussing employer vaccination mandates and companies raising insurance premiums for unvaccinated workers.

What you need to know:
– Your employer can mandate that you get a covid vaccine and if you refuse can terminate your employment.
– The only exceptions are if you claim a religious accommodation and/or a medical accommodation.
– Insurance companies can not raise your premiums if you are not vaccinated.
– Companies like Delta Airlines that self insures have raised the premiums for all employees to offset the costs of and are offering discounts to vaccinated employees through their Employee Wellness Program.
– Many insurance companies are no longer waiving the costs of covid hospitalization and now will be requiring those that are not vaccinated to pay their deductible first before insurance kicks in.

June 9, 2021 – David Sprinkle was on Fox 35 this morning discussing job search strategies for teenagers looking for summer jobs!

Some tips he mentioned:
– If your parents wrote your resume, make sure you actually read it and learn it because employers will ask you about it during the interview.
– Do research on the company you’re applying for so that you can answer why you want to work for them.
– Ditch the jeans and T-shirt and dress appropriately for the interview!
Watch the video for the rest of the tips and don’t wait too long to apply for a job because they will be filling up fast!