Talent Communities – Veritas on Fox35

by David Sprinkle

June 29, 2016 – 80% of available jobs are never posted or advertised.  How can job seekers tap into this hidden job market?  David Sprinkle with Veritas Recruiting Group discusses the “Talent Communities”…what are they and why you should add them to your job search strategy.

Talent communities are online forums companies use to attract and cultivate databases of prospective job candidates. They offer an opportunity for employers to start building a relationship with potential hires and for would-be applicants to let them know what they’re looking for. This way, when there are job openings, the employer has a ready pipeline of interested prospects — and if you’re in the talent community, your name will be on the coveted short list.

Not every employer has a talent community (the technique is mostly favored by companies with large recruiting budgets). But when you can find one, it’s well worth your time.

Why Join a Talent Community

Participating in a talent community lets you proactively engage with companies you’re interested in and learn about openings long before your competition. Specifically it gives you an opportunity to do four things:

1. Get a feel for the company culture Companies use talent communities as platforms to share information about what it’s really like to work there. So being a member of a talent community gives you an insider’s peek into the firm’s culture, core values, work-life initiatives and more.

2. Learn more about the company and its jobs Businesses share what’s happening in their world with their talent communities: new product releases, business news and, of course, job openings. Having access to this information could give you a real leg up over your competition; you’ll be the first to hear about potential jobs and be better prepared to wow employers with your company knowledge during interviews.

3. Interact directly with recruiters Being active in a talent community gives you an opportunity to talk with recruiters and learn about the company’s hiring process in a low-risk environment. Sometimes, recruitment teams even host “Ask the Recruiter” Tweetchats and webinars for their talent communities, so members can ask questions about the company’s interviewing process and culture.

4. Build relationships and increase the likelihood of referrals Getting a referral into a job greatly increases the odds of being hired these days, so arguably, this is the most important benefit of all. By networking and actively participating in discussions with decision makers and other employees in the talent community, you’ll build relationships that may ultimately lead to job referrals. Recruiters will be more likely to reach out to you if you’ve clearly displayed your interest in the company.