Temp Assignment Terms & Conditions


The information contained herein sets forth the terms under which our Employee is assigned to your company.  The terms of this Agreement as defined below shall automatically apply to any subsequent assignment(s) of temporary staff through VRG.  Acceptance of our temporary Employee and/or Client approval of the hours worked on the Employee’s weekly timesheet constitutes acceptance and agreement with the terms and conditions contained herein.

  1. VRG will recruit, interview, select, and hire assigned employees (“Associates”) who, in VRG’s judgment, possess the qualifications that the Client requests. VRG’s standard hiring process does NOT include criminal background, pre-employment credit report, motor vehicle records, or drug screenings (“Background Screening”), unless they are arranged in advance with the Client for an additional fee. Any Client requests for Background Screening will be invoiced to Client and a copy of the results will be provided to the Client at the Client’s request.
  2. Client is responsible for the safety and supervision, including the accuracy of work, of VRG Associates while they are on the Client’s premises.
  3. Client agrees not to allow Associates to be exposed to cash, checks, keys, credit cards, merchandise, negotiable instruments, or confidential information or to permit them to travel or to operate motor vehicles or equipment while they are on assignment with the Client without prior written consent from VRG; and Client agrees to bear the risks of such exposure or activity.
  4. VRG Associates are assigned on the basis of a particular job description and are not to change job duties without VRG’s prior approval.
  5. ASSOCIATE GUARANTEE: If for any reason the Client is dissatisfied with an Associate’s qualifications on the first day of assignment and notifies VRG immediately, VRG will not charge Client for the hours worked up to a maximum of 8 hours, and VRG will make reasonable efforts to replace the Associate immediately. The Associate Guarantee is Client’s sole remedy for dissatisfaction with an Associate’s qualifications, performance or conduct. The Associate Guarantee expires after the first day of work and should the Client choose to continue the assignment, Client will be responsible for all of the billable hours worked.
  6. VRG, and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service, will pay Associates weekly for hours worked as submitted on time records verified and approved by Client’s authorized representative. VRG will reimburse Associate for any Client authorized business expenses. As the Associates’ employer, VRG, and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service, assumes full responsibility to report and pay the employer’s share of state and federal taxes, workers’ compensation, FICA, and unemployment insurance for compensation paid to them and to make and submit required tax withholdings from the Associates’ pay.
  7. Client agrees to pay for the staffing services VRG will provide to the Client’s organization at the agreed upon hourly rate and any Client authorized reimbursable business expenses that are reimbursed to the Associate. Client agrees to pay all billable hours of Associate regardless of the Associate’s performance. The Associate Guarantee above is the Client’s sole remedy for dissatisfaction with an Associate’s performance or conduct. Any Background Screening requests will be billed to Client upon completion of screening. VRG’s Background Screening invoices are payable regardless of results and are due upon receipt.
  8. The Client’s rate for overtime hours worked by Associates will be the same multiple of the straight time bill rate as VRG is legally required to apply to the Associate’s pay rate (usually a multiple of 1.5). Client will also be billed for any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, and other like taxes on our services.  And, while VRG is pleased to fill an assignment of any length, a minimum of four (4) hours per day will be billed for each Associate.
  9. VRG, and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service, will send Client weekly invoices, which are Due Upon Receipt. If Client disputes any part of an invoice, VRG and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service will be pleased to work with Client to resolve the issue, but VRG and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service may deem invoices final and conclusive if they are undisputed for 60 days after the invoice date.
  10. If Client fails to fully pay any undisputed invoice when due, Client will remain liable for the invoice and will be liable to pay interest on any unpaid balances from the date of receipt at the compounded rate of 1.5% per month (annual percentage rate of 18%) or the maximum legal rate, whichever is higher, calculated from the date of receipt. Client will also pay VRG and/or its designated back-office payroll and invoicing service all reasonable attorney’s fees and other collection or litigation costs incurred to recover the fee by VRG or its successor in interest.
  11. CONVERSION FEE: If, within twelve (12) months of termination of an assignment, Client hires any Associate as a Client employee, or if any such Associate is employed by another temporary help company or agency and works on the premises of Client, Client shall promptly pay VRG a placement fee equal to thirty-three percent of the first-year guaranteed compensation. If VRG and Client have an existing Direct Placement Contingency Agreement, the conversion fee will be based upon the Placement Fee detailed in that existing agreement.

Client will be eligible for a reduced fee based on billable hours worked by Associate as follows:

0-240 hours = no reduction;   241-400 hours = 10% reduction;   401-560 hours = 20% reduction;   561+ hours = 25% reduction

  1. The VRG Service Guarantee for direct-hire placements shall not apply to the hiring or conversion of any Associate as described in Section 11. There are no guarantees applicable once Client hires an Associate.
  2. TERMINATION/DISPUTES: Either party may terminate the active staffing relationship at any time; after such termination, this Agreement will continue to govern the parties’ rights and obligations regarding the services and work performed before the termination. This agreement may be terminated by delivery of written notice from Client or VRG to the other party; however, such termination shall operate only to avoid application of its terms to future referrals; the agreement shall continue to apply to all referrals made before the termination.  At the option of VRG or Client, disputes relating to this agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial rules and regulations.  The laws of the state of Florida will be applicable to the parties’ relationship and the courts located in Seminole County Florida will have exclusive jurisdiction over any action or preceding that arises out of or relates to this Agreement.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern.  We hope that you will evaluate the performance of our employee on the survey we provide at the end of the assignment.  This feedback is an important part of our on-going effort to ensure the highest standards for our specialized temporary services.  Please contact us immediately if you have a question regarding the above terms or any aspect of our services.