4 Job Searching Apps that Will Kick-Start Your Job Hunt

4 Job Searching Apps to Kick-Start your Job Hunt

by David Sprinkle

A job search can be an exhaustive process—sometimes it can be downright miserable. It takes roughly one month for every $10,000 you wish to earn annually. So, if you’d like to make 60k, it would take around six months to find a job.  

To ease the burden of finding the perfect job, you’re going to want to utilize tools that enable you to find more job openings and get hired faster. Thanks to smartphones, there are dozens of job-searching tools at your disposal that conveniently fit into your pocket: job search apps. 

Job search apps are fully-loaded applications that streamline the entire job-search process in one user-friendly interface. Within a job search app, job seekers can search for jobs, apply to jobs, and track the application status of their jobs. Additionally, users can utilize networking opportunities and research prospective employers.   

Which of the various job search apps should you use to find your next job? Here are four of our favorites.  


LinkedIn is the number one site for business networking. With the LinkedIn mobile app, you’ll stay up to date with relevant topics going on within your professional network. Using this platform to stay engaged demonstrates that you’re an active user with interest. This is a great way to get noticed by people within your network. What’s the easiest way to get a job? Networking.  

LinkedIn Jobs

Why is there another LinkedIn App on this list? Because LinkedIn has many tools at its disposal. Let’s not kid ourselves. LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional networking world reaching out to tens of millions of people worldwide. LinkedIn Jobs allows you to continue your research on a more streamlined level than the LinkedIn app, which also includes an easy apply feature. Here, you’ll be able to search for jobs based on company, location, specific keywords, and job title.    

Indeed Mobile

Indeed is a robust job search website and attracts an astonishing 250 million job seekers each month. That is a massive amount of people checking in on their site searching for their next gig. Recruiters and hiring managers have taken notice and search the site for candidates to fill their needs. Indeed Mobile is the application version of Indeed, offering an easily apply feature like LinkedIn that allows you to apply with a click of a button. They also perform very well with advanced filtering techniques and an enhanced algorithm to deliver the right job for you.  


If you’re looking to research a specific company or even details regarding a particular field, Glassdoor offers a plethora of information. Glassdoor provides overall company reviews from past and current employees, salary levels, benefits reviews, and even insight into their interview process. On top of all of that, you can also apply for jobs on Glassdoor. Think of Glassdoor like Yelp, but for finding jobs and information about employers.  

Veritas Recruiting Group 

While these apps are great for getting your resume submitted and for obtaining general knowledge about employersit still takes time. If you’re busy at your current job, it’s difficult to carve out the time to research other opportunities. That is where working with a recruiting firm like Veritas can be beneficial for job seekers.  

If you feel the time is right, contact us today to learn how Veritas Recruiting Group can expedite your search.