5 Signs You Need a Recruiter

5 Signs You Need a Recruiter

by David Sprinkle

Finding and retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. Most hiring managers and CEOs don’t have the time to spend hours sifting through resumes online and interviewing candidates on top of their existing job duties. Plus, knowing what to look for in a new employee—aside from the appropriate background and experience—isn’t always obvious. If you’ve been struggling to find and retain talent at your organization, it may be time to work with a strategic partner and engage the services of a professional recruiter. If you’ve never ventured into that territory before, here are 5 signs that it’s time to consider working with a pro.

1. You Lack an Employment Brand

If you can’t explain and sell your company culture and organizational structure to a prospective candidate, they aren’t likely to want to work for you. A professional recruiter can serve as the perfect middle man for conveying your company in a positive manner to candidates; describing the perks and benefits of working there and picking up on what different candidates value and seeing whether or not they’re a good match for your company culture. A recruiter also has his or her finger on the pulse of the labor market in your industry and knows what top talent within that niche is looking for. They can help attract potential candidates to your company based on what they are looking for in terms of benefits, workplace culture, and more.

2. You Don’t Have Time to Sift Through Applications and Resumes

Hiring the right person is time consuming. You have to spend hours pouring over resumes and submissions, dealing with the back and forth of setting up interviews, assembling your team to make the hiring decisions, verifying references, and then deciding who is the best fit. A professional recruiter can be your strategic partner in bringing you only the most qualified candidates who would be a good fit for your company. This cuts out countless hours and a huge burden from your day—you won’t have to sift through unqualified applicants, you can have the best candidates brought directly to you.

3. Your Hiring Process Is Sluggish

A slow hiring process is detrimental to your company in many ways. The cost of leaving a seat un-filled is immense; plus, you’ll likely lose out on top candidates if your hiring process is too sluggish. It’s suggested that the top 10 percent of candidates are no longer on the job market after only 10 days. If you take too long to set up an interview, reach out for additional information, and schedule a follow-up interview, they could be off the market before you have a chance to put together their offer letter. Working with a professional recruiter can help you speed up the interview process so you don’t lose your top choices without making a rush decision

4. You Don’t Know What Salary to Offer

Professional recruiters are always up-to-date on the latest salary trends for your industry, so they know what salary top candidates are expecting. They can help educate you on what you should be offering a potential candidate, but also be the intermediary and help you negotiate with the candidate. Most candidates are much more comfortable discussing salary requirements with a third party than with someone who could potentially be their boss soon. A professional recruiter broker this potentially awkward stage of the interview process and help both sides come to a win/win agreement.

5. You Can Find Talent, But Not Retain Them

Using a professional recruiter is the best way to find candidates who are both highly talented and likely to stick around. This is because a recruiter is on the lookout for someone who not only checks the boxes of your required qualifications, but also someone whose personality would be a good fit for your company and match the opportunity at your company with the career objectives of the candidate. By explaining your company culture and values to your recruiter, they can find someone who is a better match for that workplace environment and thus, more likely to stick around.

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