7 Things CEOs Look for in Star Employees

by David Sprinkle

Standing out during an interview may be difficult. Hiring managers are looking for star employees that will add value to their company. Employers want people that exemplify their company goals and demonstrate certain traits. Showing that you have the following 7 traits will allow you to stand out during an interview and increase your chances of getting hired:

1. Happiness
It is important that you show the interviewer that you’re a generally happy person with your positive attitude. Negativity, unnecessary drama, and melancholy attitudes can bring an entire company down, and it also sheds a negative light on you. CEOs perceive your happiness as your ability to tackle challenges without becoming discouraged. Signs of happiness include smiling and laughing, relaxed muscles, and approachable body language.

2. Creativity
CEOs want creative people. They want innovative thinkers, regardless of the job duties. Your ability to find a new, better way to complete an old task illustrates your creativity. Your innovative methods will help guide the company toward success.

3. Hustle
CEOs want speed and efficiency. Time is money! When you’re not working, employers are losing money. They want someone that produces the best quality in the shortest period of time.

4. Honesty
Dishonesty is one of the biggest turnoffs to CEOs. Do not lie on your resume. Do not lie during your interview. Do not lie after you get hired. It is important that you are honest. Employers entrust you with confidential information about the company and they need to ensure that they are confiding in an honest employee.

5. Flexibility
CEOs are looking for employees who are willing to go the extra mile to guarantee the success of the company. This doesn’t mean that you have to work unreasonable hours or risk your well-being, but employers want people that are team players, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. CEOs expect you to help with other tasks unrelated to your job description.

6. Passion
CEOs want to hire someone that loves their job. They want someone that has a passion for the industry, the company, and their chosen career path. When you have passion for your job, it shows that you are striving to improve professionally. CEOs aren’t impressed with employees that are solely concerned with money. If it seems like money is your only motivator, CEOs are likely to look past you.

7. Confidence
Courageous employees impress CEOs. They want someone that will accept challenges and take them on headfirst. You have to show your confidence that you can execute your job duties. Confidence without arrogance is a highly desired trait.

If you exemplify these 7 traits during an interview, you have a better chance of being hired. You will definitely stand out in the eyes of the CEO and leave a good impression. These core attitudes are what CEOs are really looking for in a potential employee.