David Sprinkle on Fox 35 – Don’t Lie on Your Resume

by David Sprinkle

March 27, 2014 – Check out David Sprinkle, Managing Partner of Veritas Recruiting Group, on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando discussing Lying On Your Resume.

The University of South Florida is searching for a new men’s basketball coach after it revoked it’s offer to Coach Steve Masiello after it was discovered he did not really have a college degree. But lying on your resume is more common than you might think. And it could cost you big time.

Veritas Recruiting Group Managing Partner David Sprinkle said he sees the issue frequently. Sprinkle said people often start by saying they graduated from a school they just attended, but once they lie on their resume, they never change it.

“They get caught up in their lie and can never get back to the truth,” he said.

Sprinkle said you can lose your job over lying on your resume, but not telling the truth on a job application is much more serious. He said employers expect a little bit of “fudging” on a resume, but on a job application, the applicant signs their name, verifying the information is accurate.

He said make sure the wording on your resume is completely accurate. If you did not graduate from a school or university, make that very clear on your resume. He recommends actually writing “non-degree.”

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