Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

by David Sprinkle

October 8, 2014 – David Sprinkle, Managing Partner at Veritas Recruiting Group, discusses how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. He gives tips on what recruiters are looking for when they look at your LinkedIn profile. As  recruiter himself, David fully understands what is important to add to your profile to get the best results. He talks about misconceptions of LinkedIn and makes recommendations on how to make the best out of your profile.

LinkedIn is a very important tool for professionals. David says the biggest misconception about LinkedIn is that it’s a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter so people don’t feel comfortable using it. However, LinkedIn is all about business networking. It’s easy to get your resume out there without actually posting it on Career Builder. It helps you get found and network with professionals that have similar interests. Unlike your resume, when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, the more words, the better. Recruiters type in key words with traits and skill sets they want and if you have these relevant key words on your profile, it makes you easier to be found. LinkedIn allows you to have 1000 words so you should have 1000 words!

Most importantly, David says you should have a profile picture. Recruiters’ eyes immediately go to the picture so it is recommended that you have a picture. Your picture should be a professional head shot. The endorsements and references are also important. Recruiters look at references to learn more about a candidate. If people took the time out of their day to write something nice about someone, it shows their professionalism. Having a lot of contacts also helps. If you’re not connected with a lot of people, you won’t be found. David recommends that you connect with as many people as possible. One key thing to always remember is to stay active and up to date on LinkedIn!

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