Outdated Resumes Can Hinder Job Search

by David Sprinkle

October 31, 2014 – This morning on Fox35, David Sprinkle, managing partner at Veritas Recruiting Group, discusses how an outdated resume format can hinder your job search. He gives tips on how to stay updated and what you should be doing to make sure your resume is perfect. David knows what recruiters are looking for and he gives insight on how to make sure your resume gets to the hiring manager.

He begins the segment by stating that candidates should not have any dates that go past the last 10 years – unless it is relevant. If you do have relevant experience that dates back more than a decade, you should create a separate section titled “other relevant experience” and write the company and position, without the date. You should also refrain from posting the year you graduated college. Although age discrimination is illegal, posting your college graduation date makes it easier for recruiters to calculate your age and they may shy away from people over 40.

Another helpful tip that David provides is to convert your resume into a PDF file instead of having a “.doc” file. If you have an outdated version of Microsoft Office and a recruiter has a newer version, your perfected resume format may look distorted on their computer. If you aren’t working with a recruiter, you should have a previous manager that you listed as a reference look over your resume. Ask them if they would hire you based on your resume. They will be able to provide helpful tips to perfect your resume.

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