Robots Take Over Work Force?

Robots take over work force?

by David Sprinkle

David Sprinkle, managing partner at Veritas Recruiting Group, on Fox35 discusses how to ensure job security despite advancement in technology.

Reports suggest in ten years, robots will replace 65% of jobs. Currently, we see processes in the automotive industry being taken over by robots. This change negatively affects current employees because it puts them out of a job. How can you make sure your job isn’t at risk of being replaced by robots?

David suggests that employees look for specialized skills whether it’s fixing an AC unit or accounting. You have to show value to an employer. Figure out how you add value to the top line (revenue) or the bottom line (profit). Look for something that a thinking brain has to figure out – computers can’t think, humans HAVE to do that. The more value you show, the more attractive you are to employees.

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