Veritas on FOX35 – Hidden Job Market

FOX 35 Orlando

by David Sprinkle

June 3, 2015 – How do you get access to the 80-85% of jobs opportunities that aren’t being posted?  Job search expert David Sprinkle with Veritas Recruiting Group discusses what you can do to get exposure to more opportunities.

  • You still need a resume to apply to job postings, however, only about 15% of all the available jobs are being posted online.  So relying solely on that resource is only 15% effective.
  • How do you get interviews with the hidden job openings (the other 80-85%)?
    • Research industries that you want to work in.
    • Target companies within that industry.
    • Research the target company(s)
      • website, press releases, sales literature
      • Become a Customer.  Talk to sales people and employees of the company and their competitors
      • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
    • Connect with potential hiring managers (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, industry association meetings)
    • Write a one page Impact Letter, based on your research on how you can help the company, to get an interview.

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