Veritas on Fox35 – Salary Negotiation

by David Sprinkle

May 28, 2015 – Fox 35 Good Day Orlando had Managing Partner David Sprinkle on their show this morning to discuss salary negotiations during the interview process.  Here are a couple of the tips he gave:

  • Do your homework ahead of time on the appropriate salary range for your position in the area in that city.
  • If there’s no wiggle room on base salary, look for other areas that have value: incentive bonus; car & cell phone allowance; tuition & continuing education reimbursement; vacation time.
  • If you are asked what salary you are looking for, try to avoid quoting a specific figure. Attempt something like this: “I am very interested in the opportunity and I feel I can make a meaningful contribution. I am confident that should we get to an offer stage, that you will extend an offer that is fair based on my background and the job that you will have me do.” It is best not to name a figure if at all possible. You don’t want to overprice/under-price yourself.
  • If you are asked to fill out an application with a section asking for “required salary”, write ‘open’ or ‘negotiable’.  If it’s an electronic application that requires you to type in number, just put a zero (0).

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