4 Tips on Excelling in Your First Accounting Job After Graduation

4 Tips on Excelling in Your First Accounting Job After Graduation

by David Sprinkle

You’ve made it (deep breath — exhale). You’ve graduated with your accounting degree, and now it’s time to finally start putting your knowledge towards earning a pay check.

Your first accounting job search can be a little nerve-racking. Without any previous experience, you may not be sure which company is the right one for you. And if you do get offered the job, is it really the position you want, or would you rather wait and see if another position you’re more interested in might come up? There’s also a chance you might get offered a higher salary, but it involves relocating. These are all difficult decisions to make.

However, once the decision is made and you’ve signed the letter of acceptance, it’s time to step into that business attire and show your company what you’re made of. Here are 4 tips to ensure you excel at your new accounting position.

1. First Impressions Matter

Stressing the importance of making strong first impressions are cliché, but that doesn’t make them any less true. As a fresh accounting graduate showing up for your first day on the job, you’re in control of shaping the initial impression your new company has about you.

Dress for success.  It’s better to be overdressed your first day than underdressed.  You are a professional now and it’s time to start looking like one.

Make sure you show up early your first day and bring your employment documents (i9 IDs, voided check, and completed W4).  Demonstrating how you are prepared is the best first impression you can make.

Be confident in yourself and show your colleagues that you deserve to be there. Even if you are naturally introverted, force yourself to introduce yourself to your new coworkers.  Your accounting coworkers are probably introverts too, so they will appreciate you being friendly first.

2. It’s Ok to Have Questions

No matter how strong your college accounting program was, you’re going to have questions during the early stages on the job. It’s just a fact of life when starting a new job. Even if you were top of your class, there are specific ways every company does things, and it’s your job to adhere to those practices.

When you do find yourself puzzled by a task you were assigned, such as analyzing financial data, try to develop an answer for the problem first. Your new co-workers will not only be impressed you spent some time to figure it out but also reassures them you’re a self-driven individual that doesn’t need to be babysat. But if you can’t solve it on your own, don’t toil in confusion. Ask questions to your knowledgeable teammates.

3. Knock Mundane Tasks Out of the Park

Starting out in your new job, you’ll be assigned with easier tasks until you’re ready to begin more complicated tasks down the road. This could be data entry, scanning and copying documents, or formatting excel sheets. These tasks can seem mundane, but it’s also an opportunity to knock it out of the park.

Finishing your work on time and in an organized fashion goes a long way. Being eager to pick up the next task shows you have a good work acumen. Interacting with colleagues while being trained or asking questions will help build relationships.

4. It’s Never too Early to Begin Networking

Introducing yourself to co-workers is important for relationships down the road (remember, be confident!). You never know when you’ll need an “expert” for advice in your current role or even a reference down the road. Networking can build working and personal relationships and creates a more effective team.

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