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June 9, 2021 – David Sprinkle was on Fox 35 this morning discussing job search strategies for teenagers looking for summer jobs!

Some tips he mentioned:
– If your parents wrote your resume, make sure you actually read it and learn it because employers will ask you about it during the interview.
– Do research on the company you’re applying for so that you can answer why you want to work for them.
– Ditch the jeans and T-shirt and dress appropriately for the interview!
Watch the video for the rest of the tips and don’t wait too long to apply for a job because they will be filling up fast!

April 12, 2021 – David Sprinkle was on Fox 35 this morning discussing job search strategies post-pandemic.    Tips include:  start now, as the Great Rehire has already begun with almost 1 million new jobs created in March.  Economists predict that over 6 million jobs will be hired the remainder of 2021.    David also advises that if you are currently working and considering making a change, check with your current employer first to see if they will make the changes on their end so that you don’t have to change companies.  Finally, if you are out of work and getting stimulus unemployment money, don’t forget to weigh the long term growth opportunities of getting back to work sooner than everyone else.

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Feb 5, 2021 – Managing Partner David Sprinkle discusses the January Jobs Report.
Labor market nationally added 49,000 jobs with big increases in temporary staffing at +81,000.
Unemployment for bachelors and higher is 4%. Labor market for degreed professionals is continuing to tighten, especially in Florida.